• Martin Ellerbeck

My regrets as a stock footage maker.

I regret stopping making stock footage, I got my dream job at Pond5 and dream jobs tend to be all-consuming so for 4 years I stopped making stock footage, I was busy and the job was more important. But now looking back if I had spent a day a month making stock footage I would have a much larger collection to earn revenue now, I knew full well how much money you could make from stock footage I could see the sales of the great artists but I didn't go ahead and make stock. Before working there every two weeks I would be out making stock and the money was coming in regularly it really is all about growing a large collection of clips the wider and the higher the quality the better. I still earn money from the shoots I did before I started the job.

The amount of work in going out and shooting isn't that much and now I know that every time I have gone out for a shoot it has ended with me making money out of each shoot, but still, because you don't get paid at the end of the month it put me off and the income that was paying me at the end of the month had to take priority.

The same now goes for collecting stock footage from video production companies I know that if I work hard now I won't feel that sense of regret that I didn't take the opportunity to bring in a new revenue stream that could support me and my business.

For Production companies, it is the same, if in a years time you knew you had a regular source of income which could help support the company in difficult times wouldn't you take it?

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