• Martin Ellerbeck

Why do I love collecting stock footage?

Updated: May 11, 2020

The most exciting element of collecting stock footage from video production companies is knowing that from their 8 hours of footage you can find some real gems of footage that were not used in the final cut or perhaps 2 seconds of it were.

These amazing clips are doing nothing and may never see light of day. So I am given the opportunity to go through amazing footage and clip it up into what will sell. These shots have taken a lot of time and money to get so have an inherent value to them. I am lucky enough to go through these beautiful shots and upload them. Now I am not fooling anyone I am doing this for the money as well!

A steady-cam shot sells on a regular basis because it was filmed with a budget and took time and money to film

The clips I believe will sell took the most effort to film, you may have used a steady-cam, a drone or be in a place where it took a lot of effort and money to get to. So when a buyer looks at your clips compared to the shots made by amateurs, they will choose your clips.

Once your clip sells it is more likely to sell again because of the algorithms used by the websites, they want to promote the best clips and these tend to be the ones that have already proved to have worth.

So your clips then go on to make you money and the more you gather clips the more revenue you gain year on year. You can grow a collection of 500 - 1000 clips and soon you will have a collection of clips that can make you a revenue stream.

So for me, it is the same I get the joy of seeing your clips sell on a weekly basis.

If I can make a 10-second clip that you made make you money every month I am doing my job properly, and the more clips you have the more opportunity there is to grow a new revenuse stream.

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