Earn revenue from your footage while you sleep

We go through all the amazing footage that you have made for Video Productions and cut up the best  and most saleable footage to earn money for you on all the major stock agencies websites.
Why should you leave amazing footage on a shelf to gather dust?



From every 45 minute video, there are 8 hours of footage which you didn't use its currently on a hard drive gathering dust.

Misty Woodland

We can go through your footage find only the best saleable clips upload it onto Blackbox Global who upload to all key stock agencies and allow us to share out the revenue.

 Stop those hard drives doing nothing email us now.


We will be going through your footage and only choosing the best footage that will sell.

We put together a video of all the clips we are uploading and send it over to you to check over to make sure you are happy. 

 Blackbox email you automatically and tell you the revenue you have earned. 

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Photographer in a Photoshoot

Martin Ellerbeck worked as Videographer making documentaries and corporate videos for Festivals. He uploaded the footage onto Pond5 and Shutterstock and it started to sell and make a regular income. Pond5 offered him a job as a UK Rep promoting Pond5 He then worked as an Account Manager meeting with production companies and finding out exactly what clips they needed. Giving him unparalleled insight into what sells. Martin left Pond5 to partner with Blackbox Global to work with production companies that had amazing footage and earn them a new revenue stream.

Film Set


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